Q: What is a vascular ultrasound exam?
A: A Vascular Ultrasound Exam looks at blood vessels to determine if there are any areas of narrowing, blockage or clots. Your doctor may request that the blood vessels in your neck, arms, or legs be examined.

Q: How do I prepare for my ultrasound exam?
A: There is no preparation needed

If your appointment is in the morning, do not eat or drink anything after 8 p.m. the night before. If your appointment is in the afternoon, for breakfast you may eat dry toast, black tea, black coffee, juice up to 9 a.m. Nothing to eat or drink after that. These instructions are important as we require you to have an empty stomach.

You must have completed drinking 1 hour before your appointment. You must drink 32 oz./1 litre, (4 large glasses) of fluids. This can include coffee, tea, juice, water, etc. not milk. Do not go to the washroom. You must have a full bladder for this examination. We will try to examine you as soon as possible on arrival so that you will not have to be uncomfortable for too long. Eat the meal nearest your examination – There is no reason not to eat.

Do not eat anything 12 hours prior to the examination. Finish drinking 32 oz. (one litre) of water, and ONLY water one hour before your examination. Do not go to the washroom.

No preparation is necessary.

32oz./1 litre, (4 large glasses) of water 1 hour before appointment. Do not go to the washroom. Take mild laxative the evening before. (PROSTATE ONLY OMIT LAXATIVE)

Q: How is a vascular ultrasound exam performed?
A: The technologist will apply a water-based gel to the skin surface in the area being examined. The gel helps to transmit the ultrasound waves. The technologist will guide a transducer over the skin surface to examine the blood vessel.

Q: How is an arterial evaluation performed?
A: If an arterial examination of the arms or legs is ordered, the technologist may use blood pressure cuffs to evaluate the circulation.

Q: Are there any preparations needed for these tests (ie: do I need to fast)?
A: There are no preparations required.

Q: How long does an exam take?
A: Typically, exams usually take between 30-60 minutes, depending on the specific test being requested.

Q: How do I prepare for my ultrasound exam?
There are various preparations required depending on your exam, please clarify with us a head of time and we’ll make sure you’re ready.

Q: Do I need an appointment for my vascular ultrasound?
Yes, you do need an appointment for your ultrasound. We recommend calling and booking same day appointment in order to avoid a long waiting. The receptionist would be able to book the most convenient time and inquire about the urgency of your examination. If this is an emergency referral, e.g. rule out DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis)we accept you as a walk-in ASAP on the same day and provide preliminary urgent report.

Q: How do I book an appointment?
You can call our office at 905-438-0555.
A: Have your doctor fax your requisition/referral to 905-438-0631, then you can call to make your appointment. We prefer this so that we know exactly what kind of ultrasound/xray you need.
A: You can Walk-in at 247 Simcoe St. N. 3rd Floor, Suite 301.

Q: What happens if I’m late for my appointment?
Depending on how late you are, the technician will try their best to accommodate you. If the technician feels they still  have enough time they will perform your test. If they feel they don’t have enough time before the next patient comes in, we will try our best to give you our next available appointment.

Q: What happens if I need to reschedule/cancel my appointment?
We all know that sometimes emergencies come up quickly, but please try your best to call our office 24 hours in advance.

Q: Do I need a requisition/referral to come to Oshawa Vascular Laboratory and Ultrasound Imaging for my diagnostic imaging tests
Yes you do, you require a requisition/referral signed by your physician to come to Oshawa Vascular Laboratory and Ultrasound Imaging.

Q: Does my requisition/referral have to be from Oshawa Vascular Laboratory and Ultrasound Imaging?
No your requisition/referral does not have to be from Oshawa Vascular Laboratory and Ultrasound Imaging. You can use any requisition/referral form from any clinic as long as it’s ordered and signed by a physician.

Q: How do I get referred to Oshawa Vascular Laboratory and Ultrasound Imaging?
As long as you have a requisition/referral you can go to any clinic. You can conveniently print our requisition off our website and take it in with you when you go in to see your doctor. Your doctor must sign the requisition and choose the specific tests you need done.

Q: What kind of tests does your clinic do?
We have two Suites. In Oshawa Vascular Laboratory and Ultrasound Imaging (Suite 301) we do General Ultrasounds and General Digital X-rays. Check our procedures page for further details. In our other suite, Oshawa Vascular Laboratory (Suite 302), they do Vascular and Cardiac Ultrasounds.

Q: How long will my appointment be?
 General ultrasounds usually take up to 30 minutes. Sometimes during difficult cases it will take a bit longer. X-rays are done quickly by our technician; it just depends on the wait if anyone is ahead of you.

Q: Does it take long to get an appointment at Oshawa Vascular Laboratory and Ultrasound Imaging?
No, it does not take long at all. We are well known to get patients in within one week.

Q: Do I have to pay for my Ultrasound/X-ray?
No, all diagnostic imaging tests are covered by OHIP. Make sure you bring a valid health card and requisition/referral form to your appointment. If you do not have a valid health card, then you would have to pay for the cost of the imaging tests.

Q: How long does it take to get my results sent to my doctor?
Oshawa Vascular Laboratory and Ultrasound Imaging results are sent out within 2-5 days automatically through our fax system and also mailed out by the secretary.

Q: Do you have parking?
Yes, we have parking out front off of Simcoe, and Underground off of Adelaide. Large Vehicles can’t park underground but there are specific spots for large vehicles behind the building.

Q: How much is parking?
 Parking is a general rate of $3.00

Q:  How do I pay for parking?
You will receive a ticket from the machine as you come in. You will bring that ticket up to your appointment and when you’re finished the secretary will scan it for you. This will reduce the parking cost from $12.00 to $3.00. Once you’ve scanned the ticket you will get in your car and drive to the exit. First put the ticket in the machine and then put the $3.00 in. The machine only takes change or credit, it does not take bills. Once you’ve paid, the arm will lift up so you can drive through.

Q: Can I get my Ultrasound/X-ray on a CD disc?
Our office has digital X-rays and Ultrasound for your convenience. You can call the office at 905-438-0555, or walk-in to have the disc made.

Q: Do I have to pay to get my Ultrasound/X-ray on a disc?
No you do not have to pay for your disc. However if you do not call in to have your disc made, you might have to pay for parking which is a $3.00 rate.

Q:  Will my Ultrasound hurt?
No, it won’t hurt. This is a painless procedure.

Q: Do you have other Locations, or is Oshawa Vascular Laboratory and Ultrasound Imaging your only clinic?
Yes, we conveniently have 4 other locations, Check OUR CLINICS page.